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Video Void: Australian Video Art
This anthology traces the progression of video art in Australia.

Published by Australian Scholarly Publishers, 2014

This timely and vibrantly illustrated anthology traces the progression of video art in Australia through essays from Matthew Perkins, Elena Galimberti, Anne Marsh, Stephen Jones, Jacqueline Millner, Darren Tofts, Daniel Palmer, Anne Marsh. Foreword by John Conomos.

Chapter Authors:
Matthew Perkins: Australian Video Art: An Incomplete History
Matthew Perkins, Elena Galimberti and Anne Marsh: Contextualising Early Australian Video Art
Stephen Jones: Video in the 1970s: The Decade Before the Digital
Jacqueline Millner: Australian Video Art in the 1980s
Darren Tofts: ‘As Yet Unwritten’
Daniel Palmer: Australian Video Art since 2000
Anne Marsh: Relations: Video/Performance/Document

Sleeve Information:

  • John Conomos, Autumn Song (1997) Video. Image courtesy of the artist;
  • Daniel Crooks, Static No.12 (seek stillness in movement), 2010. High Definition digital video transferred to Blu-Ray, 16:9, colour, sound, 5 min 23 seconds

Credit: Image courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne


  • John Gillies and The Sydney Front, Techno/Dumb/Show (1991) Videotape, 23:35 minutes. Colour and black and white, stereo. Image courtesy of the artist;
  • Jill Scott, Stick Around (1975) Video. Image courtesy of the artist

from Australian Scholarly Publishers
Video Void