John Conomos

Leftquote We were put on earth to make things. Rightquote
The Spiral of Time, 2013
5 minutes, HD Video, black and white, sound.

This is a performance/’trance’ video with the artist walking through a park underneath a row of palm trees. As he is walking  rays of electricity emanate from his eyes and a number of quotes appear across his body. These quotes  concern the modern role of the artist in society, the body, the passing of time, cultural amnesia, space, memory and spectatorship. The quotes emanate from such filmmakers like Stan Brakhage, Jean Cocteau, and Orson Welles, critics and philosophers like Roland Barthes. E.M.Cioran, and Jean-Paul Sartre, etc.

The video is a distillation of many of the themes, motifs and concerns that characterise the artist’s oeuvre in general. And in particular, it is autobiographically inflected like his prize winning video of 1997 Autumn Song.


  • Written and directed: John Conomos
  • Video: Virginia Hilyard
  • Editing and post-production: Greg Ferris