John Conomos

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Smoke in the Woods, 1999
Radio show, 37' 42"

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Smoke in the Woods

Smoke in the Woods is an autobiographical meditation on exile, memory and time. 

This lyrical sound collage deals with the author’s ‘milk-bar childhood’ memories of 50s Sydney and of the Greek island of Kythera – whose inhabitants have travelled to Australia since the nineteenth century. It also evokes the island’s rich presence in art, literature and music and recalls a significant meeting between the author and his uncle, who never left Kythera but who has held a strong spell over him since his childhood. 

Writer: John Conomos
Performers: Anna Kypreos, Arky Michael, Doris Younan
Sound engineer: Steven Tilley
Producer: Matthew Leonard

This radiophonic essay/performance work was commissioned by the Features and Documentaries Unit of ABC Radio National, and first broadcast on Radio Eye, ABC Radio National.

This work is made available for the purposes of critical review, private audition and educational use only, and may not to be sold, broadcast or made available for MP3 download without permission from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

© ABC Radio 1999
© John Conomos 1999.